We took a look at Mike‘s first, slick campaign ads, a 30-second and a 60-second spot. They released the Spanish-language ads first, guaranteeing a day of coverage of how inclusive the Mayor is.

Sheekey says the ads, and presumably their release today, are evidence that Mike “is putting the people and the resources in place to be able to ask all New Yorkers for their votes,” which is kind of circular, but never mind.

Here’s the translation of the 60-second spot, which doesn’t quite capture the fact that Mike’s Spanish is so thoroughly Mike-like that you can understand every word of it even if you speak slightly less Spanish than Maxy Sosa.

MIKE: Dear friends, four years ago I had the great honor of being elected as your Mayor.

VOICE OVER: A lot has happened since then. Today, New York is considered one of the safest cities in the country.

MIKE: Together we have worked hard to bring progress to our city.

VOICE OVER: Not only did we keep the city from bankruptcy during the last four years, we are also experiencing an economic renaissance in all five boroughs.

MIKE: We still have a lot to accomplish…

VOICE OVER: Day after day, we are improving our public schools, through several programs focused on school safety and academic excellence.

MIKE: …but with everyone’s effort, the best is yet to come.

MIKE: Thank you for your trust and support.