Now Hiring Asian-Americans

Anthony appeared to be leaning, in a cautious way, toward Rudy’s “one city, one standard” legacy last night at a forum in Chinatown, where Sandra Endo asked the candidates, “Just by a show of hands, who can commit right now, right here in Chinatown tonight, that you’ll have a high level Asian-American in your administration should you become mayor?”

The question drew quickly raised hands from Freddy, Virginia and Giff, and an eye-rolling, reluctant hand-raising yes from Weiner.

Endo followed up:

“If you can just be, you know, one word, one department answer, what area of government would you say that Asian-Americans would have the strongest voice and highest voice in your administration should you become mayor.”

Freddy said, “Everyone in this city has a right and an expectation to see this city’s government be a reflection of them.”

Virginia noted her campaign manager is an Asian-American woman.

Giff reminded everyone that he “appointed for example, John Liu to the very important transportation committee.”

Anthony had this to say:

“I’m not going to hire people by nationality or by quota…. If you’re a fresh thinker, if you’re someone who thinks outside the box and is as committed as I am, we’ll be taking applications in the back of the room.” Now Hiring Asian-Americans