Pataki Wins One

Our Matthew Schuerman reports:

The six-foot five-inch George Pataki has been known to sink a three-pointer. But his height didn’t help him when he came to town today to show off new soccer fields in Hudson River Park. (He also came to straighten out the mess at Ground Zero, but that was earlier in the day.)

He seemed surprised at first when the emcee said the Governor would take a shot–“I’m not too good at this. Maybe Eddie can give me some pointers.” (Eddie being Eddie Johnson, a forward on the U.S. national team.) The Governor’s first two shots got nabbed by the goalie. The third was far enough to the left and a foot or two off the ground that she could let him score gracefully.

Then Pataki got back to the truly important part of his job–answering questions from the press. Pataki Wins One