Rasiej’s Offer

Here’s an unusual campaign move: Andrew Rasiej, the tecchie’s candidate for Public Advocate, has engineered a useful patch for the Campaign Finance Board‘s unwieldy software, and he’s offering it free to his rivals, and to everyone else running for office in New York City. All he asks in return is a chance to introduce himself.

One of the headaches of C-SMART, the Board’s functional but aging database software, is that it won’t interface with popular programs like Excel. Which means that campaigns’ valuable, taxpayer-funded time is spent manually copying names, addresses, and contribution amounts into C-SMART, for submission, as required, on a floppy disk. (When did you last see a floppy disk?)

Rasiej’s programmer has created a patch that sends data from Excel and other database programs right into C-SMART.

“I’ll only give it away if the candidate whoever it is calls me to ask personally,” Rasiej told us. “I would like to introduce myself to them.”

What’s the point?

“I’m not going to wait until I’m the Public Advocate to provide tools and ideas to make New York work faster,” he said. “This is an example of me doing more in four months running for the office of Public Advocate than the Public Advocate has done in four years.”

He offered it first, of course, to Betsy. No word yet on whether she’s called. Rasiej’s Offer