Rosen Trial Sidelight

The Working Families Party has gotten caught up a bit in Hillary‘s current West Coast campaign finance woes.

The party appears in the narrative of Peter Paul, the Clinton-donor-turned-adversary who aided prosecutors and has his own civil suit against the Clintons. Part of his story is that even after the Clintons learned of Paul’s past criminal convictions and publicly distanced themselves from him, they sought and received a contribution of $55,000 worth of stock to Working Families Party.

We asked Working Families about this. They deny getting the money, but declined to supply bank records backing that up. They do note that they did not report receiving it, as they would have been required to do.

So Paul is essentially accusing them of violating reporting requirements. We notice that the document backing up Paul’s claim, which you can see here, isn’t a bank record, just an internal memo from his company.

Now either Paul, or Working Families, should be able to produce a bank document from the week of September 22, 2001 that would seriously damage the other’s credibility. (Of course, Paul’s already awaiting sentencing on fraud charges, so you might think the damage had already been done there.) But we don’t see why one, or the other, wouldn’t.

Rosen Trial Sidelight