The Numbers

We have the latest fundraising numbers:

Virginia: $275,000-$300,000
Anthony: $501,379
Gifford: $175,000-$200,000
Freddy: $400,000

Mike, meanwhile, reported more than $4.6 million in new spending, which includes $275,000 in polling costs and almost half a million dollars on staff — including a cool $150,000 to the newly-arrived Bill Cunningham.

Some things to note: Miller is now raising general election money, having already raised enough to hit the $5.7 million cap in the primary. Mike’s spending advantage is even greater than it seems because the other candidates have to pay for fundraising operations.

Some things we’re hoping to learn: How much of Anthony’s money is new (as opposed to taken from his congressional committee)? How is Virginia going to dodge the adjective “underfunded”?

The Numbers