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Well, the DCCC is certainly doing its best to make Fossella look vulnerable, and his latest move on Social Security suggests it’s working.

The Dems are going up with radio ads in 12 Republicans’ districts, and his is one of them.

Here’s the script:

Major General John Havens: This is Major General John Havens, retired adjutant general of the Missouri National Guard. With America in armed conflict, hundreds of thousands of valiant National Guard members and reservists have been called to active duty. They leave their homes and loved ones, braving bombs and bullets halfway across the globe to advance the cause of freedom. Yet upon their return, these brave Americans soon lose the same health insurance other soldiers can count on. That’s wrong.

Voice-over: Last week, Congress defeated a plan to extend health coverage to members of the Guard and Reserves and their families. Congressman Vito Fossella was among those who voted to deny these heroes the health care they deserve. Tell Congressman Fossella he owes those who serve our nation more than Memorial Day speeches.

Vito Latest