Another Slow News Day

…is the only explanation for this Times item on local political blogs, in which this very blog is graciously described as “the most widely read, according to campaign advisers among the major candidates for mayor.”

The item also reminded us of how small a distinction that actually is, and how anemic the city’s political blogging scene remains. There are great political bloggers, like Josh Marshall, who live in New York. There are New York journalists, like Ryan Sager and Robert George and, yes, Dawn Eden, who blog. And there’s no end of New York bloggers who don’t follow local politics.

But when it comes to blogging about New York politics, there’s really not much. The two that update daily, and which we have on our aggregator at the moment, are Daily Gotham, a brand new attempt to create a local Daily Kos; and Slant Point, a conservative site that keeps an eye on the New York scene. Another new liberal site, which hasn’t been updating as regularly, is New York Connection.

This is probably a feature of New York’s general, paradoxical backwardness, of which more later. Another Slow News Day