Blog Fiesta

Apparently, New York’s financial elite aren’t riveted by the Democratic Primary. The number of empty seats and uneaten chicken breasts at today’s Citizen’s Budget Commission mayoral forum was striking, and out of character for the group. Last time we attended a CBC event, a couple of weeks ago, we had to beg Ken Knuckles for a seat. Today, one CBC trustee took some shots at Freddy on the stock tranfer tax, but otherwise the lack of interest was hard to conceal.

Up on stage the forum was was, in its small way, what Anthony afterwards called a “blog fiesta,” though there was a bit of nodding off in the crowd.

Anthony and Virginia exchanged barbs on who stole whose ideas on Medicaid, and when Gifford began recalling his breakfasts at the Regency, Anthony countered with his own breakfasts at “Three Star on Avenue U.”

Virginia also played some policy catch-up, opening with a speech that began with what struck us as a true line:

“The budgeting process in New York City…takes us on a fiscal roller coaster of tax hikes and projections of huge deficits followed by rebate checks and big surpluses. The public and labor leaders don’t know what to believe. Are we headed for disaster or swimming in money?”

Blog Fiesta