CFB Responds

They don’t take insults to C-SMART lightly over there on Rector Street.

Campaign Finance Board spokeswoman Tanya Domi emailed us a response to Andrew Rasiej‘s tech-geek trash talk, and eagerness to patch, the Board’s software.

Domi tells us that C-SMART is “constantly retooled to take advantage of the latest technology,” and that while campaigns can’t export data into C-Smart, they can move data from C-Smart into Excel and other programs.

Also: No more floppy disks! As of this year, the board offers online filing and will be making payments to candidates through electronic fund transfers.

Domi added:

“Mr. Rasiej’s offer to provide his software patch to other candidates running for office could prove to be unwise. The CFB considers this software to be third-party, untested and not endorsed by the CFB, which could jeopardize a candidates filing and may impede his or her ability to receive public funds. After the 2005 election, the CFB again will solicit comment and input from our clients to use in upgrading our innovative software. We would suggest that Mr. Rasiej bring his concerns directly to the CFB where we would happily discuss his issues about C-SMART software.”

CLARIFICATION: Relax! Domi tells us you can still use those floppies if you really, really need to. CFB Responds