Disengagement = Slavery?

Send a pol to the occupied territories with Dov Hikind, and you never know what he’ll say.

Here’s Brooklyn State Senator John Sampson, making an election-year play for Hikind’s support with on field trip to Gaza:

“It’s wrong to tell these farmers they have to be uprooted from their lives’ work,” Sampson said, according to WorldNetDaily, the conservative Web journal that seems to have sent a reporter along with Hikind’s troupe.

The story continues:

“Sampson compared the Gaza evacuation to previous human-rights violations against America’s black community: ‘This in certain ways is like slavery. Like Darfur. It’s the same general concept. Completely violating these Gaza residents civil rights and kicking them out of their homes…. I will spread the word in America when I return.'”

Same general concept. Disengagement = Slavery?