Doaked, and Roberto Vanishes

As predicted, Freddy’s going for the Villaraigosa mojo by hiring consultant David Doak.

“David Doak, in helping to guide Antonio Villaraigosa to victory in Los Angeles last month, showed the country his ability to tell stories of hope, community and opportunity in compelling and effective ways,” Freddy says of his new Axelrod.

Among the list of new hires the campaign just emailed out is John Edwards’ campaign manager, Nick Baldick, as campaign manager. Baldick may not be Patrick Gaspard, but he’s a grown-up who worked in the Clinton White House and played a key role on the 2000 Gore team in Florida.

We have to admit to some mystification about this line, though: “Mirram Global continues to serve as the General consulting firm for the campaign. Luis A. Miranda, Jr. is the lead consultant for the campaign.”

Is this something other than a desperate plea to this very blog to say the words “Roberto Ramirez”?

Doaked, and Roberto Vanishes