Freddy and Drum Major

We’ve been amazed at how badly Freddy has played his relationship with the Drum Major Institute.

On one hand, we’ve rarely heard him talk about the group or the middle-class themed research it was doing when he was president. Perhaps he was spooked by the notion that he’d get accused (as he occasionally was) of using the think-tank for his campaign.

But while he’s taken no credit, he’s inevitably ended up taking the blame. As you can read in the Post today, he’s going to be tarred with anything controversial that comes out of Drum Major.

The group’s head, Andrea Batista Schlesinger, tells us that Freddy had nothing to do with the schools report that’s drawing fire, and that in fact she didn’t even tell the campaign it was coming out. They must be thrilled with that over in Ferrer-land. Freddy and Drum Major