Glutton for Punishment

Mike must take secret pride in those editorial scoldings he gets every time he doles out the praise for the Independence Party, whose storied history you must be familiar with by now.

Independence Party spokeswoman Sarah Lyons tells us that the Mayor, along with one Jeanine Pirro, will be special guests at an IP event this Sunday.

“Both will be speaking, along with a host of IP leaders, at a gathering of 150 party members and activists at City Hall Restaurant for the party’s Annual Spring Chair Reception, Sunday June 5th from 2:00 – 4:00 pm,” she emails.

This is also a footnote to the developing GOP Senate nomination fight: Pirro’s beleaguered husband, Al, recently told a Westchester reporter that he is joining the Independence Party, while her rival, Ed Cox, seems to have a better shot with the Conservatives. Glutton for Punishment