Isac Wins One

Isac Weinberger, City Hall’s unavoidable Satmar tipster and the Politicker’s true rival (more here and even more here), just won a fight of his own, using his hard-won political ties to block a rent hike in his building.

Writes the Daily News today:

“Tenants rejoiced to hear that the first of two proposed rent hikes expected next month will be delayed.

“‘It wasn’t right, that 50% increase, and they thought they could shove it down our throats,’ said Isaac Weinburger, a fourth-floor tenant.

“‘I really want to thank the Daily News for the story that ran,’ he said, referring to a story last Tuesday about the rent hike.”

Yep, same Isac.

“He did it without any PR firm and in one week,” a friend tells us. Isac Wins One