First of all, in case you didn’t know, perpetual thorn-in-administrations’-side Richard Lipsky, his son Matt, and their band of bodegueros have a newish blog that’s worth checking out.

Today the Lipskys have weighed in on a the recent puzzlement over whether, as the Times argued on A1, the stadium’s defeat is a reminder that development is impossible in New York; or whether, as the Times argued on B1, a Manhattan stadium’s defeat won’t stop Bruce Ratner from building a stadium in Brooklyn.

The Lipsky view:

“The key point here, of course, is you can’t make generic observations about development qua development. The first point of analysis needs to be about the quality of the development itself, its public purpose, and the rationale or nature used to define the public purpose. A flawed proposal, no matter how skillfully navigated, is still vulnerable because of the legitimate opposition it is likely to generate. It is also true that a magnificent development plan can be mishandled in the review process and go down to defeat.”

As far as they’re concerned, “Team Doctoroff hit the daily double with its Jets stadium proposal.”