Mayor Fernando in East Harlem

Freddy‘s stroll on Saturday through East Harlem with Adriano Espaillat and Adam Clayton Powell IV on Saturday gave us a chance to see how deep Freddy fever is hitting Latino voters.

While Team Espaillat had a dozen signs and an eager cheering section, Ferrer’s presence was limited to the candidate himself, and Powell’s occasional chant of, “One of us for all of us. Vote for Fernando Ferrer.”

Generally, Freddy got a polite but not overwhelming reaction from folks on the street.

Afterwards we asked Freddy why he had no signs for his supporters to carry.

“I don’t think they’re ready,” he told us.

One sign did follow Freddy for about five blocks:

“Freddy is ready to rumble. Fight for Hispanic Pride for Mayor Fernando.”

“I have no idea where that came from,” the candidate said.

[NOTE: We corrected a geographical error in an earlier version of this post.]

Mayor Fernando in East Harlem