Parade Fallout

How weird was the coverage of the Puerto Rican Day Parade? More than 200 arrests, including a bunch of gang members and two drunk cops, a stabbing, an injured police officer, and the general theme of coverage — outside the Post — is “a marvelous time was had by all.”

The real political story of the parade, too, is emerging a day late. The Sun today picks up on an El Diario report of an interesting little confrontation between Roberto Ramirez and a parade official along the route. This could be a first sign that Mike is pushing his assault on Freddy’s Hispanic base a little too hard.

Diario has an amazed, appalled, and funny editorial — in English here, handily — scolding the official, who had marched alongside Mike.

“We cannot think of another city in the United States where the president of a Latino parade would get into an altercation with the campaign workers for a candidate who has the potential to become that city’s first Latino mayor.” Parade Fallout