Post For Hillary

The extended courtship between Hillary and the New York Post is a wonder to behold. She has always given their reporters extraordinary access, and the tenor of their coverage has softened accordingly.

Now in an editorial yesterday and a column today, the paper is laying the groundwork for a Hillary endorsement next year and perhaps again two years later.

Remember, Rupert Murdoch has always backed Tony Blair.

At the moment the battleground is charter schools, and a possible Clinton opponent, Ed Cox, appears to be on the verge of voting in favor of letting the UFT run one of them.

Cox and Randy Daniels “need to do the right thing tomorrow and oppose the union — if they wish to be taken as men of principle,” the Post writes, urging a no vote.

The vote is today, but Cox and Daniels seemed to rebuff the Post in their letter to the editor today.

So: You heard it here first: Murdoch to endorse Hillary. Post For Hillary