Rasiej vs. CFB

OK, this is the final installment of Public Advocate candidate Andrew Rasiej‘s running effort to demonstrate his techie chops by improving the city’s campaign finance system.

Rasiej, you may recall, got a scolding from the Campaign Finance Board‘s spokeswoman for offering a software patch to fellow candidates. Rasiej responded today in a letter to CFB Chairman Fritz Schwartz, parts of which we excerpt here:

“…The CFB, through its spokesperson, issued a statement rejecting and deriding our offer, evidencing an unresponsiveness that is quite appalling. One would think that a governmental agency would welcome new ideas, especially ones that are free and beneficial to the candidates who the CFB supposedly serves…. Moreover, the CFB statement was also a not-so-veiled threat to any candidate who uses this free software, as if the law or a CFB rule was being violated.

“It is one thing to warn candidates to comply with the program; it is quite another for the CFB to be so proprietary about its own software programs — programs, I might add, which have been so problematic for so many years….” Rasiej vs. CFB