Speaker’s Race

We’d add just one piece of trivia to the Times’s round-up of the hard-to-figure race to replace Gifford in the City Council Speaker’s chair, some evidence that Lew Fidler knows his way around the city’s electoral system at least as well as anyone else.

The Times story has Fidler as the only candidate who hasn’t transferred money to potential supporters. That’s true of Fidler’s City Council committee.

But Lew also has a committee filed at the city Board of Elections, and not online, to support his candidacy for District Leader. When we last checked a couple of months ago, he’d given out $2,750 from that account, Friends of Lew Fidler IV. We haven’t seen the latest filing, but it’s probably worth checking out.

Also, a recent poster suggested that we more formally open topics up to comment. We find the race for Speaker very hard to predict and understand.

What’s your read on how it’s going?

Speaker’s Race