Take Adriano Espaillat — Please

We’re honestly not sure if Adriano Espaillat is joking here, but E.J. McMahon has turned up a bill from the Manhattan Assemblyman and Beep candidate that would set a minimum wage for stand-up comics.

From the sponsor’s memo:

“Often comedians in the New York City area are paid approximately $20,000 per year. Often times these comedians work in various parts of the City within a short time frame making the use of a taxi service a necessity. They are not compensated for travel and often are not provided with benefits from the contracting entity. Therefore it appears that $20,000 a year may not be an adequate salary to live in the city of New York.”

McMahon adds: “For purposes of the Espaillat bill, a ‘standup comedian’ would be defined as ‘a professional performer who has worked a minimum of two hundred performance hours telling jokes and/or performing comedy at a comedy club or other place of entertainment where people watch and/or listen to such performances.’ (Unfortunately, the bill does not require that such performers actually be funny.)” Take Adriano Espaillat — Please