A quick thank you to all those who are reading The Politicker.

When we launched this thing in January, we figured that 100 or 200 readers a day would be enough to keep the blog going.

But the numbers, to our astonishment, keep going up. Last month, our best, we had 33,384 unique visits to the site. And yesterday was The Politicker’s most heavily trafficked day yet, with 3,139 unique visits. (There’s no set formula, as far as we can tell, for how many unique visits equal one actual human being. But it’s a lot of people.)

Yesterday’s high number was thanks in part to a well-placed Gawker link, but abut two thirds of the traffic was just people who are actually interested in New York politics. Who knew there were so many of us?

Anyway, thank you for reading. As you can see, we’re still figuring out how to do this, so please email us with any suggestions for how we can make The Politicker better.