The Garbage 8

The intricate, but important, fight between Mike and Giff over what to do with the city’s garbage just got a little more intricate.

A group of 8 Councilmembers calling themselves the G-8 (G for Garbage, of course), and organized by Brooklyn’s David Yassky, are working on cutting a side deal with the mayor — over Miller’s objections. It is, among other things, a sign of the Speaker’s waning power in City Hall.

The heart of the original fight is Mike’s plan to ship residential trash off Manhattan from a site in Miller’s Upper East Side district. Miller has weathered a real hammering in the Daily News for his efforts to move the site across town.

Now these outer-borough members, who care more about the problems with commercial waste, are looking for Mike to speed up his commercial waste plan. If he does, they may be able to deny Gifford the 34 votes he needs to block the Mayor’s plan.

UPDATE: David Yassky called this evening to disagree with our interpretation of his role. He told us he is aiming to strengthen the Speaker’s hand, and that he and Miller have the shared goal of solving the city’s commercial trash problem. “I think Gifford is as powerful as ever,” he said.

The Garbage 8