The Spouse Joins In

Here’s the latest fundraising letter from HILLPAC.
Note the artful use of the word “they.”
Note, also, the name at the bottom.

Dear Friends,

June 30th at midnight – just two days away – is a critical deadline for Hillary’s campaign. She has already been singled out as the Republicans’ number one target for defeat next year.

You and I both know why. Her courage, her clarity, her ability to connect with people scare her opponents. When 2006 is over, they want Hillary out of the Senate.

It’s not going to happen – not if we join together in support of her as she fights for what we believe in.

Please contribute before this critical deadline:

If you are worried about the direction of our country and want leaders like Hillary fighting to get us back on the right track, take a stand now. Help Hillary raise the funds her campaign needs in the next 48 hours to make it clear to her opponents that we’re with her all the way. That we’ll never let the tens of millions of dollars they’re getting ready to spend take away one of our most promising and effective political leaders.

The mid-year Federal Election Commission report is the yardstick that the political operatives and pundits use to judge what kind of shape candidates are in for the 2006 elections. Let’s fill Hillary’s campaign headquarters with grassroots support like no one has ever seen in the year before an election.

This is your chance to demonstrate how firmly you stand in Hillary’s corner. Make the most of it. Send as generous a donation as possible, and send it now, before the midnight deadline arrives on Thursday.

Chelsea and I are so proud of Hillary and what she is doing. We all thank you for your friendship and generosity.


Bill Clinton

The Spouse Joins In