They Just Keep Falling for It

So pundits can’t seem to take their eyes off of Ed Klein’s Hillary book, even as they dismiss it as a work of trashy fiction.
The Washington Post’s Richard Cohen tries a sarcastic take on Klein’s real motivations for writing the book.
“Klein set out to expose the right wing for the gullible nincompoops they are,” Cohen writes. “He has succeeded, and vast riches await him.”
Here’s the key passage:

His book is flying off the shelves — more than 350,000 shipped. The other day was No. 4 on Amazon’s bestseller list and was sold out at my sedate neighborhood bookstore when I checked. It has become a Rorschach of conservative madness — proof that they will buy anything, no matter how badly done, that attacks the Clintons or liberalism. Klein’s book is just the most recent example. He looked at conservatives the way P.T. Barnum looked over his audience: “There’s a sucker born every minute,” Barnum said. Ed is nodding all the way to the bank.

Okay, so let’s review: Someone creates writes a Hillary expose so ridiculously slanderous that conservative columnists rush out to condemn it. The book promptly becomes a best-seller anyway, prompting liberal columnists like Cohen to dismiss it as “conservative madness.”
Does this strike anyone else as an instructive preview of Hillary ’08, if not ‘06?
Speaking of which… They Just Keep Falling for It