Wally Pipp

Pipp was the Yankee first baseman who, according to legend, went out with a headache one day in 1925, and had the misfortune of a backup named Lou Gehrig. The story gave me a bit of stress during the Observer’s otherwise peaceful week off. But Benson evidently couldn’t be persuaded to return and replace me. He did, however, give me cover to introduce the first-person singular and get rid of that whole “we” thing, which was initially comfortable, but eventually just became a bit weird.

The first person plural, for example, was making it difficult to tell stories like this one: one recent morning din Park Slope, I signed a petition to get Gifford on the ballot. The Politicker’s ethics advisor informed me that this was a dire breach of journalistic standards, so I set out to sign petitions for the other candidates as well. I signed one of Freddy‘s on Smith Street and one of Virginia‘s on the Upper West Side, only to realize that signing more than one petition invalidates your signature on all of them. Sorry, guys!

Anyway, thanks, as always, for reading. I’ll be blogging fairly lightly this week as I fiddle with the blog’s software. (And if you’ve ever imported Blogger files into Movable Type, please help!) Wally Pipp