Here’s a footnote to our wall-to-wall coverage of John Sampson’s visit to Gaza, which Errol Louis picked up on in the News today.

The guy who runs WorldNetDaily, where Sampson was originally quoted, Joseph Farah, emailed Louis to object to being called “conservative.”

“WorldNetDaily is not a ‘conservative website,'” he wrote. “It is the largest independent news source on the Internet. I ought to know. I founded it. And since I’m not a ‘conservative’ and am actually quite offended by the use of that term, I think it’s unfair and inaccurate to describe the labor of eight years of my life in such terms.”

Having received angry emails this week for describing News Corp. as “right-of-center” in the Observer, we enjoyed Louis’s response:

“Mr. Farah:

“I may have been thrown off by your commentary lineup (Malkin, Coulter, Buchanan, Falwell, Williams, Schlesinger et al), and the ads you run on the site from and the conservative book club. I guess your contributors and advertisers have got you all wrong.

“Thanks for the chuckle.”

Oh, and by the way, here’s a WorldNetDaily Exclusive headline from today: Regulators dragged feet on ‘cannibal abortionist.’