60 Hudson Street

Various electeds and other assorted downtown activist types are getting together Sunday to protest the continued storage of diesel fuel at 60 Hudson Street.

The 24-story building, between Worth and Thomas streets, straddles the Tribeca-WTC border and houses equipment for telecommunications companies. But also–more than 80,000 gallons of diesel fuel.

They’re worried that an accident at the building could cause the fuel to ignite. The storage of diesel fuel in the base of 7 World Trade Center, they argue, was the reason for that building’s collapse late in the day on Sept. 11.

They’re allowed to do that because of a variance issued by the Department of Buildings–which Jerry Nadler, Marty Connor, Deborah Glick, Alan Gerson, and Sally Regenhard of the Skyscraper Safety Campaign want the city to rescind.

– Tom McGeveran

60 Hudson Street