A Pataki Mystery

A reader was puzzled by the discrepancy between reports in the Times and in New York Magazine on Governor Pataki’s counter-terror subway ride last week:

New York: “After the press conference with Governor George Pataki, the mayor walked to the Lex (Pataki entered through a gate held open by one of his bodyguards; Bloomberg swiped a MetroCard) for a ride to City Hall.”

New York Times: “Down below, Mr. Pataki pulled out a MetroCard and tried to swipe it through the turnstile. It didn’t work. Instead, the governor encountered that all-too-familiar message, ‘Please swipe again.’ He obliged. This time it worked.”

So did he? Or didn’t he?

Pataki spokeswoman Mollie Fullington emails that Pataki “most certainly” swiped.

“I wonder who that mysterious very tall man was,” she adds. A Pataki Mystery