Anthony & Co. at the Arab Bank

Despite what it said on the candidate’s schedule, it was the wrong Anthony who greeted Shakespeare in the Park fans in Central Park.

Moments later, the real Anthony popped up with the Zionist Organization of America’s Morton Klein outside the midtown office of The Arab Bank to denounce the bank’s ties with terrorism, which prompted a heated exchange between Klein and an Islamic Briton on the sidewalk:

Brit: “We have to end all this killing, haven’t we? And we have to look at the root causes of why people are being killed.”

Klein: “What was the root cause of Adolf Hitler killing all those Jews? What was the root cause? I want to understand the root cause. I want to understand the root cause.”

Brit: “All I’m saying is that there’s killing on the Palestinian side, and killing on the Israeli side. You got to accept that.”

Klein:”That’s like saying there was killing on the Americans against the Germans and Germans against the Americans.”

Later, I asked Klein if there were “some forms of Islam that are peaceful…”

“All I know is if you read the Koran, it talks about not being friendly with Christians and Jews. The Hadith, the commentary on the Koran, says you should seek out the Christian or the Jew, whether they are behind a tree or a rock and kill him. Now, that doesn’t sound very peaceful to me.”

Anthony & Co. at the Arab Bank