Art on Park

Remember those fatuous cow sculptures we had to endure a couple of years ago? Well, more public animal art is on the way, but this time it’ll be of the more transcendental variety.

Deborah Butterfield collects driftwood in dried riverbeds throughout Montana (she lives in Bozeman), fabricates it along with scrap metal into equestrian shapes, and casts it into bronze, She’ll have three pieces on display on the Park Avenue median between 52nd and 55th streets, tentatively scheduled to go up in September and on display through the holidays.

Community Board 5 approved the installation last Thursday, and the Edward Thorp Gallery, who represents Ms. Butterfield and will install the art, kindly sent The Real Estate photos of the pieces (which are still being fabricated in Ms. Butterfield’s studio–these are photos of the pre-cast and -patinated maquettes)


– Matthew Grace

Art on Park