Carry On, Doctoroff?

Deputy Mayor Daniel Doctoroff, the perpetrator of NYC2012, just issued a statement that makes it sound like NYC2016 isn’t likely–at least not under his leadership.

Are we reading too much between the lines? Here it is:

“Today ends an 11 year journey not just for me but for the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who hoped to make our Olympic dreams a reality.

“Now more than ever before people from around the world are aware of our City’s great diversity, capacity, dedication and drive. Though we did not win, our bid for the Games had a positive impact on our City that we will feel for decades. With our Olympic bid as a catalyst, major development and renovation projects were completed, and people from diverse backgrounds came together to support our bid and built relationships that will last forever. Now, however, New York must move on. But we do so with a greater commitment to the promise of the Olympic spirit.

“I applaud the London bid and am confident that they will be a remarkable Host City for the Games. The last 11 years have been a fantastic voyage for me, and telling the world why I love New York City and why I think we should host the Games was always a joy. It is an experience I will never forget and one for which I am deeply indebted to the Olympic Movement.

“Thank you to Senator Clinton, Congressman Rangel, and all of New York’s labor, civic and business leaders who have supported our city’s bid.” Carry On, Doctoroff?