Cheering Up David Yassky

Another weekend, another irrelevant Michael Jackson post. The last, I promise.

But if you enjoyed The Politicker’s link to Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’s frolics among the Jackson fans, which we posted last week, you should check out the animated intro to Jackson’s official fan site, MJJSource. A true, multi-media classic of contemporary lunacy, it includes a recital of some of history’s memorable dates: Martin Luther King’s birthday, the fall of the Berlin Wall, Nelson Mandela’s liberation, and, of course, the acquittal of Michael Jackson.

The video should cheer up even the 19 Council Members who will spend the weekend explaining to constituents why Gifford Miller poisoned the water at the local day-care center and firebombed the neighborhood animal shelter.

We’ll be back at full strength, and god-willing with new software, July 5. Have a nice, long weekend. Cheering Up David Yassky