Free Dicker!

One of the many factors isolating Albany from the New York media market is that Fred Dicker’s radio show, on which much news is made, operates on a weak-signal local AM station whose Web site has capacity for only a few outside listeners.

Thus, this morning:

Fud31: mario cuomo coming up next on my radio show
benobserver: you need a stronger signal.


benobserver: it’s always taken by staffers who log in at ridiculous hours on
government time!

benobserver: a scandal!

Fud31: i agree!

Fud31: write something nice about that on your blog….call on wrow to expand access…

benobserver: actually between your show and my blog

benobserver: we consume a ridiculous amount of gov resources.

Fud31: ha ha

UPDATE: A reader writes: “As a former government staffer who used to log in at ridiculous hours, I can report that is no longer necessary. There are now many more slots, and a person who works at a desk in NYC can log in when he gets to the office and listen away.” Free Dicker!