‘Freedom Center’ to Be Moved Off Ground Zero?

The governor’s team has been playing pretty mum in this whole flap over the Ground Zero museums, issuing stern pronouncements–but not terribly specific–about the need to be sensitive to families who’d rather have the whole “memorial quadrant” devoted to the memorial.

Then this morning, John Whitehead, chairman of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, which oversees the trade center site, said that he had been trying to find an alternative site for the International Freedom Center and the Drawing Center.

“We are looking for another place both within in the 16 acres and immediately beyond it,” he said after the corporation’s monthly meeting.

One point for the families.

That’s sort of a big deal–the very idea the Libeskind master plan might be changed. On the other hand, he said the LMDC had found nothing so far. It could just be a way of showing the families that the governor is trying.

The governor is trying, we are sure, to find a way out of our own little culture war.

– Matthew Schuerman ‘Freedom Center’ to Be Moved Off Ground Zero?