Full Disclosure


The new Brooklyn Papers, after a two week hiatus, is out today with a front page exclusive on a “white paper” citing Atlantic Yards as a likely terrorist target. But don’t get too excited. In the sixth paragraph of the jump, we learn that it’s not an NBC White Paper, nor is it a government one, but rather a report solicited by Forest City Ratner antagonistii Develop–Don’t Destroy Brooklyn.

Still, we are glad someone is worrying about the security of the proposed 600-footer to be known as “Miss Brooklyn”, and if it’s not Chet Huntley, then we’re glad it’s someone from the neighborhood.

UPDATE: Daniel Goldstein (who somehow keeps getting mentioned here) writes to say that in fact the previously mentioned study on terrorism security at Atlantic Yards was not, contrary to the above-named press reports, commissioned by his group, Develop-Don’t Destroy Brooklyn.

Its authors—Christina Cope, an environmental policy analyst for the Department of Defense, and Alan Rosner, a retired strategic and business analyst for MetroNorth (as well as a DDDB member) rather approached the group for help in distributing the document, which it apparently has done a smash-up job doing.

– Matthew Schuerman Full Disclosure