Hanging by the Telephone

Did the dog eat the Attorney General’s homework? And his email? And his telephone, too?

In this week’s Observer, I wrote an article about Lenora Fulani’s hold on local pols who are courting Independence Party endorsements. Ms. Fulani, a controversial lieutenant of the IP, has been accused of child abuse. Eliot Spitzer promised to look into the allegations, after an initial prodding from the Post. Then Virginia demanded that Mike investigate, too, and Mike fired back, saying that Eliot was perfectly capable of handling the matter.

Meanwhile, no one has even bothered to contact Ms. Fulani’s accuser. Molly Hardy, a Los Angeles playwright, filed her complaint over the winter, and she still hasn’t heard a peep in response.

According to an automated email receipt, the AG’s office received Molly’s missive on Monday, January 17th at 02:32:13 (24-hour clock, EST).

“It was a little bit awkward in that Molly sent an email to our office back in January. That email sort of got misplaced, waylaid, lost, whatever. I don’t know what happened,” explained Darren Dopp, an AG spokesman, last week. “Long story short, her email found its way to us again just recently. We have it now and we are trying to follow up.”

But it’s tough to call California. They’re three hours behind us, for crying out loud!

“Not a word,” Molly reported yesterday, via email. “And I even sent another email to them a couple of weeks ago saying, ‘I understand you want to contact me but don’t know how…here’s my email and info.’ Nothing.”

As of this posting, Molly has been waiting by the phone for 5 months, 21 days, 7 hours, 7 minutes, and 47 seconds. Let’s see how long it takes.

Hanging by the Telephone