In this week’s Observer

Lizzy Ratner ventures into Murray Hill, a neighborhood of pampered post-grads and 30-story perma-dorms, and finds New York’s own retirement resort for the young. Call it little Boca in the big city.

Matthew Schuerman looks at the increasingly sorry-looking future of the Freedom Tower and finds the Governor, who has pledged to move his offices into the building when it opens, may not be its best pitch-man. As the always erudite Myers Mermel tells him: “Financial services companies never want to be located in the same building as the government. It’s not seen as a compatible mix with corporate activity.” Indeed!

And Michael Calderone finds New York Times managing editrix Jill Abramson settling comfortably into a $1.6 million Spice Building loft, and the considerably less upper-crusty Montel Williams recently sold his Upper West Side penthouse for $2.275 million. The lucky buyer into the the Costas Kondylis-designed Trump venture gets to check the mail alongside Bryant Gumbel and that little bundle of sex, Dr. Ruth Westheimer. In this week’s Observer