In Today’s Observer

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But in the paper, I debut an occasional collaboration with the Pace University Poll, and a poll that finds Mike Bloomberg more popular than the Democrats among likely Democratic Primary voters, with a 62% favorable rating to Freddy’s 59%.

Another tidbit: Democratic voters tell Pace that the worst possible candidate in a Democratic primary would be a devoutly religious Asian-American lesbian.

And Jess Bruder examines how long Chuck, Mike, and Eliot will stand by their friends in the Independence Party. Eliot says he’ll bail if Fulani is proven to be a party leader; but Mike writes another government check to her non-profit.

Eve Kessler writes about Jeanine Pirro as only one who knows Westchester can, and unearths some rather damaging anecdotes we’d never heard before.

Matt Schuerman wonders who the hell will work in the Freedom Tower.

Tom Scocca examines the Plame leak case, though we’re still not sure if it was Karl Rove.

And Woodward’s Deep Throat book is reviewed.

In Today’s Observer