In Today’s Observer

Ben takes a close look at the uncertain future of a mid-sized regional company called Pataki, Inc.

Michael Calderone and Matthew Schuerman examine whether Gary Barnett, who has his eye on some MTA property in Brooklyn, is just another spoiler, like Jim Dolan and the Jets. The short answer is no, but that doesn’t mean he’ll vanquish Bruce Ratner’s longstanding plan to bring the Nets and Frank Gehry there instead.

Jason Horowitz ponders the role private institutions are playing in the city’s efforts to prepare for a terrorist strike, thanks to an influx of federal funding.

Lizzy Ratner and I follow the money to some of the summer’s swankiest campaign fund-raisers and find that, McCain-Feingold be damned, the old gorge-and-gouge tradition is still alive and well in the Hamptons.

And then I venture off to Williamsburg for a Quiet Disco, where all the dancers wear wireless headphones. This is not, of course, worth mention on a political blog, though I’ll use it as a sample for the kind of sightings I hope you’ll send me, like: “I saw Hilary Clinton dancing in wireless headphones.”

In Today’s Observer