Let the Good Times Roll

Who can resist a good wheelchair pun? With the release of Murderball, the new documentary about quadriplegic rugby players, it seems no copy editor can put the brakes (har) on editorial inventiveness. Here’s a short roundup (har har) of headline writers trying to come up with a new spin (har har har). And since the film has yet to open wide, this thing’s just gettin’ rolling (har har har har).

No ‘murder’ mystery: Zupan is hell on wheels
Los Angeles Daily News

Reinventing the wheel: Sports doc keeps clichés to a minimum, dignifies determined jocks
The Village Voice

Reinventing the wheel
The Georgia Straight (Bonus feature: Hell on Wheels)

Murderball Reinvents the Wheel
The Reeler

This Game is Murder
The Winnepeg Sun

Rolling Thunder – Men.Style.com

‘Murderball’: The wheel deal
USA Today

WHEEL GENIUS – Entertainment Weekly

—Matt Haber Let the Good Times Roll