London 2012

So, it’s official.

From the New York Times account:

“In its last pitch before the members, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg had tried to head off claims by other cities that New York would be back to compete for the 2016 Games. The mayor vigorously argued that he could only guarantee this leadership team and this plan for 2012.”

So, will Dan Doctoroff be back or not?

This is the second time his team has lost out–though NYC 2008 pulled out before the International Olympic Committee’s final vote after the IOC told the United States bid cities their chances of hosing the Summer 2008 games were nil and offered to refund their entry fees.

From the Times account, in May 1997:

‘”It’s very disappointing; we were very far along,” said Dan Doctoroff, president of the organizing committee called NYC 2008. “The time for New York, I believe, was now. Crime is at its lowest level in 30 years. The quality of life is improving. There is a supportive political establishment. Most of all, I think there is a new, emerging spirit that says we can dream again, we can do big things again. That made it the right time. Whether 2012 is the right time, I think we have to step back and evaluate.”‘ London 2012