Mail Notes

A lovely, glossy 8-page Mike for Mayor booklet — it has the heft of a corporation’s annual report — appeared in mailboxes around the city this morning, “Promises Made…Promises Kept.”

The piece leads with his promises on education and crime. (Wisely, not taxes.)

It doesn’t appear that this brochure was intended for every single New Yorker, however. It has a rather, well, White, feel to it. The featured citizens are named Fitzsimmons, Zucardo, Lombardo, and, of course, Giuliani.

Meanwhile, a West Side reader notes that Assemblyman Danny O’Donnell has used his franking privilege to help out Scott Stringer, who is running for Manhattan Borough President. Stringer appears on the cover of O’Donnell’s mailing, along with an article by the two about preserving Mitchell-Lama housing. Mail Notes