Making The London Scene: She’s A Whippet-Thin Stunna, He’s Dead Sexy!

The absolutely most luscious thing about working in an office is sharing the wealth of magazine subscriptions. Speaking of: The Transom purchased, actually paid for, a subscription to Hamptons magazine more than a month ago, and it has yet to arrive. Paging Jason Binn, your order fulfillment department is making The Transom very, very unhappy. Perhaps Mr. Binn should watch his step among the slippery divots of the Bridgehampton Polo Club this weekend.


In today’s magazine mail comes August’s Tatler, that tasty mag that always turns our minds to London emigration. (We do love the Brits! Although it’s true that, in these quarters, some love them a little more carnally than others.)

Tatler—whose cover story is “How I Fell In Love With Tom Cruise: The Very Lucky Katie Holmes”— features a “100 Most Invited Top Party People” list, and it is making The Transom absolutely seethe with jealousy over the comparative state of society circuits.

A few fave excerpts:

Number 2: Ben and Kate Goldsmith, Eco-investor & earth mother
Backgammon champ and the yummiest mummy in town. Made Drones Club totally hot after they bought it: the food is delicious and everyone is there. Often spend weekends at brother Zac’s organic estate in Devon.

Number 8: Lady Gabriella Windsor and Aatish Taseer, Journalists
Princess Michael’s cool daughter and her man are mesmerizing the party set. She’s a first-class wordsmith; he’s dead sexy. Often eschew Kensington Palace for a grotty flat down the King’s Road.

Number 17: Lady Eloise Anson, Model
Whippet-thin stunna with eyes as blue as a swimming-pool. She’s a dab hand at crazy looks…

Number 35: Andy and Patti Wong, Financier and Sotheby’s director
Enthusiastic collectors of Asian art who live in Battersea with daughter Skye. Andy is a naughty little schoolboy; Patti’s the sensible one. Neither sunbathes. Their annual Chinese New Year bash is always the talk of the town—sushi was served on a nude model last year.

Also: Elton John and his lover, at number 51, beat out Madonna and her lover, who are down at number 54. Goodness.

Those entranced will be happy to know there’s time enough to book on The Transom’s favorite flight, American Airlines number 132, which is the 9:30 p.m. from JFK to LHR. There doesn’t appear to be anything up front, unfortunately, but there’s a number of empty aisle seats left for tonight.
—Choire Sicha Making The London Scene: She’s A Whippet-Thin Stunna, He’s Dead Sexy!