Mercurio’s Out

Just got this statement from the Fields campaign:

“I have conducted a review of how a photo used in literature designed for my campaign came to be altered. I learned the photo was taken from stock footage of two people unknown to the campaign. This is totally unacceptable and does not adhere to the standards I have set for myself and my campaign. I have immediately ended my contract with Winning Directions, the outside vendor that designed the mail piece.

“The campaign has also terminated its relationship with Joseph Mercurio, a respected and talented political strategist who served as a General Consultant, over strategic differences. I look forward to continuing to talk about my vision for New York and the issues that matter most to New Yorkers — education, jobs, affordable housing, economic development and safety.”

I guess this answers the Times’s question this morning about whether Virginia’s too nice. The Politicker’s only question is whether, if you’re going to swing the axe, it might have made more sense to send this statement out two days ago, and forgo that weird press conference. Mercurio’s Out