Mike’s GOP Challenge

Mike may or may not, it seems, be facing a Republican primary from Tom Ognibene.

One Republican tells us Ognibene now has just about 7,500 petition signatures, and predicts that he will get enough to get on the ballot, but perhaps not enough to beat back a legal challenge from the Bloomberg campaign.

And a last-minute push is certainly underway. A GOP reader reports an unusual robo-call from Tom Ognibene. The call promised an accompanying email that would include a petition to be downloaded, signed, witnessed, and mailed in.

No email arrived in that case, but Ognibene campaign manager Brendan Quinn says he’s taken in more than 1,000 petitions via mail and email.

A court fight, win or lose, would be a publicity gift to Ognibene.

“The question I have for the mayor’s campaign is what is he afraid of,” Ognibene advisor Brendan Quinn told The Politicker. “I have to assume he’s afraid of his record versus a more conservative candidate in a Republican primary.” Mike’s GOP Challenge