Mike’s Largesse

A lovely coincidence: On the same day Mike’s allies are lecturing his rival on the appropriate relationship between politics and non-profit groups, New York’s favorite anonymous donor has channeled another $20 million to a long list of non-profit groups, via the Carnegie Corporation.

“The Corporation is honored that the donor has chosen us once again to identify and distribute this extraordinary gift,” says Carnegie’s president, Vartan Gregorian, in the press release.

(We’re not sure if you can both take credit for the being modestly anonymous and leak to the press that you’re the modest donor, as Mike annually does, but never mind.)

Anyway, in the spirit of Steve Minarik’s letter, it’s worth noting that the list includes some groups that do policy work: the Vera Institute of Justice, the New York Urban League, and the Partnership for the Homeless. Vera — Gasp! — has even worked with the Bloomberg Administration.

Are we supposed to call in the prosecutors?

Mike’s Largesse