Mike’s Republican Payroll

The Politicker simply doesn’t understand why John Haggerty, Bloomberg’s Republican field operative hasn’t been paid. The Ognibene folks see sinister motives, but other GOP insiders aren’t sure what’s to be gained.

But here’s another perplexing item: Back in January, campaign manager Kevin Sheekey leaked the hiring of three political operatives to the Times. They included two Democrats, Stu Loeser and Patrick Brennan, and a Republican, Kevin Fullington. Fullington is a former aide to City Council GOP leader Jimmy Oddo who now works in the Mayor’s Office of Legislative Affairs.

Six months later, the two Democrats are on Mike’s campaign payroll, but Fullington’s name still hasn’t shown up on a campaign filing. And I saw him at City Hall earlier today.

So what’s the deal? The Democrats over there just can’t bring themselves to sign those GOP paychecks? Mike’s Republican Payroll