Mirror, Mirror Update

The Politicker’s band of aestheticians is poring over images of dozens of beautiful politicos.

Meanwhile, here’s my favorite (printable) nomination so far, from a West Side reader:

“I’m afraid I have to nominate Brian Thomas Johnston, skater punk
candidate for Manhattan Borough President.

“He dropped off the scene as suddenly as he arrived, leaving only sweet
memories of his insistence on reciting the Letter from Birmingham Jail
before captive audiences and a retinue of DFNYC meetup-goers puzzling
over his ‘I was trying to out Ken Mehlman and someone was like “you
should run for Borough President” and that’s why I want to strengthen
community boards’ campaign narrative.

“Also, he used to get really upset if anyone asked ‘Um, are you the
only gay thirty-something-year-old white Brian in the race?'”

Nominations to politickerblog@gmail.com. Mirror, Mirror Update